My Translation Services


      • Russian <> German – officially certified translations

      • French <> German

      • other languages on demand


Specialist translations


      • specialist translations of legal documents (civil and criminal law) such as orders, court papers, statements of claims, divorce documents, etc.

      • certified translations of contracts signed before a notary public such as marriage contracts, power of attorney, real estate contracts, etc.

      • officially certified translations of records of civil status such as birth, marriage, naturalization certificates, etc.


      • certified translations of certificates of registration, power of attorney, joint venture contracts ...

      • specialist translations of commercial contracts, catalogues, business-based documents and training materials ...

      • interpreting during business negotiations, factory tours, training courses ...


      • user manuals, operating instructions, instruction manuals and technical directions

      • specialist translations of tender documents

      • translations of training materials

      • interpreting during technical training courses