Quality Assurance my contribution to your success

The quality of the translation contributes significantly to the success of my clients.
For this reason, I base my services on DIN 23 45, EN 15 038 – standards that are common for the translation sector. Each translation project goes through the following steps:


Before translating, the translator studies the terminology of the source text. The document is perused once, and the following items are checked:
     • subject-specific terminology determined by the reference documentation and
       technical literature (e.g. comparable documents, national and international
       standards, catalogues, brochures, etc.)
     • company-specific terminology (e.g. internal standards, abbreviations, organization designations, etc.)
     • linguistic features (e.g. inconsistencies)

Project glossary

A project glossary is created. Certain terms, e.g. organization designations, proper names and various subject-specific keywords are agreed with the customer.

Raw translation

The document is translated in a first version.
     • continuance of the terminological work
     • enhancement/expansion of the project glossary
     • reference of relevant specific documentation
     • indication of unclear text passage for the review process


     • clarification of unclear text passages with the author or contact person named by the customer
     • verification of linguistic correctness and completeness (orthography, grammar, etc.)
     • adaptation to target group by native speaker
     • verification of the project glossary

Finishing and final checking

     • integration of changes and corrections from the review
     • updating of the project glossary